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We're trying to sell our entire Mini Stock operation!!  All parts, the car, everything can be yours!  CLICK HERE to email Mitch about your inquiry, we'd like to change divisions and need the money and space!


     In 2012 we finally realized our dream in the transformation from an online only race team, to a real world operation.  We started at the Waterford Speedbowl in the X-Cars, and with no prior racing experience with the help of some friends, we had a fairly successful season scoring the Rookie of the Year title and even our first career victory at the historic Turkey Derby at Wall Speedway (NJ).

     The next year in 2013 we expanded our horizons a bit, as we ran several cars all around New England primarily as an X-Car and using the same car along side the North East Mini Stock Tour crowd.  Though we weren't competitve, consistency awarded us with an 8th in points finish on the tour, and we also scored two victories at the Speedbowl with 19 tops 10s in 23 starts to give us 4th place as an X-Car.  In this year we scored a top 5 on tour with 2 heat wins at Hudson.  We finished 46 of the 48 races we started, with primarily one car. It is important to note one of those DNFs came from an enduro race.  We also piloted the Todd Taylor #21 Super X-Car once and took it home 12th in our first race away from the Saturn.  We also lost our original car in an unfortunate wreck at Lee USA Speedway during Oktoberfest.

     2014 we expanded our operation a bit further to check more tracks off the list.  It was also our last year competing full time in the X-Car class.  The new car we built in the off-season wasn't as good as our original, but we still managed to get 2 victories again this season.  We started the season early and hauled south to Caraway in North Carolina to have a little fun, then traveled to Indiana to race the open competition Vores Cup at Lucas Oil Raceway.  This was the debut to our NEMST built motor, and it proved decent results, however issues arose and it hurt us in the B-Main.  Often we doubled up on race day and raced up to 4 times a week to be able to get 52 starts in 3 cars this year.  We finished 5th in X-Car points, and 9th on tour.  Troubling times began at the end of the season when we were once again involved in a series of terrible accidents, bending the car an awful amount.  This was also the year we got kicked out of Seekonk Speedway via Facebook message for wanting to race too much.

     When 2015 started, we intended to only focus on our new NEMST car and to field the X-Car in select events for someone else to compete.  Chuck McDonald and Jeremy Bourbeau both ran it twice each.  We were plagued with nothing but issues with our new car, seemingly always needing to tackle a big problem weekly.  In but 10 starts on tour, we finished only 5 of them.  Relief hit us in October however, as we finished a strong and emotional 5th place at the World Series at Thompson.  We then followed up that effort with a lucky but smart 3rd place at Bemer's Super Bowl at Waterford.  We only made 13 starts this year, including a start at Concord NC for the North South Shootout.  We then posted the car for sale immediately after the NSS.

     Unfortunately in year 2016 we didn't have the turnaround we wanted.  We wanted the car gone to acquire a V8 car, but to no avail.  So we made updates to the car to make it better and ran it anyway in select events.  We didn't do anything too spectacular on tour, but we decided to put some focus on racing at Thompson for the last half of the season.  Conditions were not quite as we expected after coming off our World Series run the year prior, but we still had some fun with two top 10s only to be let down at the World Series when our car wouldn't start after a clutch swap overnight between qualifying and the race in frigid frosty temperatures.  This year was so bad even our enduro season was awful.

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