Travelling Race Team

2012 Schedule

Sat. 3/31Sat. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20DNSDNS
Sat. 4/14Sat. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl201915
Sat. 4/28Sat. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20DNSDNS
Wed. 5/2Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl202514
Wed. 5/9Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20Rained Out
Wed. 5/16Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20920
Wed. 5/23Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20411
Wed. 5/30Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl2047
Sat. 6/2Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20Rained Out
Wed. 6/6Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20Rained Out
Wed. 6/13Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20Rained Out
Fri. 6/15FWD ShootoutHDRA @ WaterfordXXX
Sun. 6/17RoadrunnersHudson Int'l Speedway*2096
Wed. 6/20Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20924
Wed. 6/27Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20725
Sun. 7/12nd SundayCamp HorizonsXXX
Wed. 7/4ParadeWillimanticXXX
Wed. 7/4Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl2023
Sat. 7/7RoadrunnersStar Speedway*2077
Sun. 7/8RoadrunnersHudson Int'l Speedway*20149
Wed. 7/11Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl2066
Wed. 7/18Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20Rained Out
Sat. 7/21Sat. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20144
Wed. 7/25Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20827
Wed. 8/1Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl30524
Sat. 8/4Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl2033
Sat. 8/4NEMSTWaterford Speedbowl*501617
Sun. 8/52nd SundayCamp HorizonsXXX
Wed. 8/8Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl2019
Sun. 8/12RoadrunnersHudson Int'l Speedway*201613
Sun. 8/12RoadrunnersHudson Int'l Speedway*2055
Wed. 8/15Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20Rained Out
Sat. 8/18Sat. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20Canceled
Wed. 8/22Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20410
Wed. 8/29Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl2078
Sun. 9/2RoadrunnersHudson Int'l Speedway*201114
Mon. 9/3RoadrunnersHudson Int'l Speedway*2044
Wed. 9/5Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20Rained Out
Wed. 9/12Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl201012
Wed. 9/19Wed. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl25711
Sat. 9/22Sat. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl20DNSDNS
Fri. 10/4Sport FoursSeekonk Speedway*20126
Sat. 10/5Sat. X-CarsWaterford Speedbowl*2076
Sat. 10/5NEMSTWaterford Speedbowl503017
Sun. 10/14RoadrunnersHudson Int'l Speedway*20129
Sun. 10/23Four CylindersLee USA Speedway*201411
Fri. 11/23Four CylindersWall Stadium*4031
Sun. 11/25Four CylindersWall Stadium*753123
* = Tentative Last Update - 11/27/2012   

2012 Breakdown

YearPts.DivisionStartsWinsTop 5Top 10LapsLedDNFDNSAverage Finish
201214th(W) 10th(S)Waterford X-Car19039293304312.57894737
 16thHudson RR70361500007.142857143
 27thStar Roadrunner1001200007
 N/ASeekonk Sport 41001200006
 N/ALee Four Cylinder10002000011
 N/AWall Four Cylinder211182391012
Totals  331718679695311.24242424

Heat Race Wins:7/21/12 - Sat. X-Car
  9/3/12 - Hudson RR
  Rookie of the Year '12


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